over 10 years of media productions in afghanistan

Bidar Media Productions actively collaborated with U.S and NATO forces and international advocacy organizations for over a decade to strengthen democracy, highlight democratic values, and counter radicalism in Afghanistan.


Our partnership with various organizations, including USAID, United Nations, Counterpart International, DAI, IOM, FHI360, World Vision International, U.S. Embassy/INL, and Netherlands Embassy-Kabul culminated in over 100 short films, feature stories, and news reports that raised public awareness around human rights issues, advocated for equality, and generated a national conversation.

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In addition to original reporting and exclusive partnerships with international organizations, Bidar Media Productions has provided news outlets, including Voice of America News, AJ+, CGTN, Newsweek, BBC, Newsy, numerous media productions with high-quality, raw footage covering breaking news events. Our team of digital journalists covered all 32 provinces of Afghanistan and routinely shot official interviews, B-ROLL, photos, and MOS interviews for clients across the world.


Our latest documentary film, “Breaking a Taboo,” which we produced for Voice of America, was awarded a Bronze medal at the 2022 New York Festivals for TV and Film in the Social Issues Documentary Category.


We provide full documentary film production services in Afghanistan.

Client: Voice of America

Our latest documentary film, “Breaking a Taboo,” which we produced for Voice of America, was awarded a Bronze medal at the 2022 New York Festivals for TV and Film in the Social Issues Documentary Category.

Client: Newsweek

There was some old equipment from some French people and our first clients were foreigners living in Kabul who needed a break and spent money." At the same time, a Swiss journalist, Christoph Zurcher, now a features editor at the Neue Zurcher Zeitung, was dreaming up the first Afghan Ski Challenge. "I came to Bamiyan as a tourist," says Zurcher, "and one day I sat on the roof of my hotel looking at the mountains and, as [I'm] Swiss it didn't take long to start thinking of skiing. With the help from my newspaper I contacted some sponsors and in 2011 held the first race.

Client: Discovery Digital Networks

Abbas Alizada is a 21 year old from Afghanistan who has spent his life training to become the next Bruce Lee. He emulates his face, hair, body, and most importantly his kung fu skills.

Client: Discovery Digital Networks

Trained by YouTube videos, these young men perform parkour all around the ruins of Kabul.

Client: The Netherlands Embassy - Kabul

The CD4D project aims for diaspora members of five target countries to contribute to their country of origin via knowledge transfer and capacity building.

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SUCCESSFUL media campaigns

We are proud of our partnership with World Vision Afghanistan to raise awareness about forced child marriages in Afghanistan. Through collaborative media campaigns we are empowering Afghan girls, engaging parents in difficult conversations, and advocating for positive change.


One study in Afghanistan estimated that annually more than 2,000 women and girls attempt suicide by setting themselves on fire, with experts saying that this is mostly due to a combination of early and forced marriages and violence.



A six month "Stop Child Marriages" Campaign successfully changed attitude

of over 5,000 families, according to WVA.


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